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Rustic Tales: A Collection of Novellas is a collection of Tina Kunkle’s novellas, including:


The Half-breed & Soiled Dove

In 1866, spring arrived early for the small town of Spindle Top, Texas, and twenty-two year old Johanna O’Riley wasn’t at all prepared for what it brought with it. The tranquility and peacefulness of her homestead was shattered one fateful morning by the loud sounds of gunshots and her Ma’s horrific screams.


Twin Bridges

Landing a job as Sheriff in Twin Bridges, a place with no crime, was exactly what Hadley James needed. The fresh air and beautiful white capped mountains made leaving her beloved New York a bit more bearable. All but one of her demons was left there, that one followed her all the way to Montana.


Shunned For Love

After being ex-communicated from her Amish community as a teenager, Emma went to live in the English world, eventually becoming a detective with the Harrisburg police department. Life as she knew it was good, until her phone rang late one night and she heard a voice she never thought she would hear again.