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Coming to Terms is a love story—and so much more. It’s a story of the impact of sexual abuse and addiction. It’s a story of the hunt for a serial rapist, turned murderer. Mainly though, it’s a story of Sawyer’s journey to forgive—another and herself.

Sawyer James is a cop. It’s who she is and all she ever wanted to be. The job is all she has. Sawyer’s alone, not necessarily because she wants to be, but because horrors in her past have left her drifting in seething waters. To move forward into a fulfilling relationship, Sawyer must come to terms.

Sage Carson is a clinical social worker. She’s divorced and alone. Alone, is definitely preferable to being married. At almost forty, she comes to realize that her marital problems weren’t due to a lack of sexual desire, but rather, her lack of sexual desire for a man. Sage’s attraction to Sawyer is an awakening. To move forward, to not spend her life alone, Sage must come to terms—with her own sexuality and with Sawyer.

In their struggle—to love—to forgive—to survive—Sage and Sawyer risk everything.

But is everything enough?