Submission Guidelines

Triplicity Publishing is a small, LGBT publisher seeking quality works from serious authors. Every manuscript is reviewed by the editorial staff. We do not review manuscripts that have been simultaneously submitted to multiple publishers, and we do not accept partial manuscript submissions. Our average review period is 6-8 weeks.

All manuscripts must have LGBT main characters.


ROMANCE – Modern or historical love stories with strong characters.

SCIENCE FICTION – Science fiction, urban fantasy worlds, futuristic, time travel, and alternate reality stories.

FANTASY – Dragons, elves, fairies, and knights in shining armor.

WESTERNS – Cowboys, ranchers, rodeo riders, and Native Americans.

MILITARY/PARAMILITARY/MERCENARY – Political thrillers, espionage, line-of-duty or in-the-field stories.

MYSTERY/SUSPENSE/CRIME – Provincial country detectives, fast-paced thrillers, or hard-boiled PI's.

PARANORMAL/HORROR – Vampires, zombies, ghosts, and other scary things.

ACTION/ADVENTURE-Non-stop action packed, fast paced.



BIOGRAPHY-Modern or historical stories of real people.


AUTO-BIOGRAPHY- Real life coming out stories, transgender transformation stories, etc.

HISTORY- Historical war stories, political stories, and other stories that have real historical content.


Please Note:


Triplicity Publishing will not publish depictions of incest, rape, and other extreme material included for the express purpose of titillating or provoking  the reader.

-   You will receive a confirmation email within 72hrs of sending your manuscript. If you do not receive this email please contact our submissions department.

-    Please allow 6-8 weeks for a decision regarding publishing.

-    We do not critique manuscripts. Partial manuscripts will be instantly declined.

-    We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

-    We do not accept submissions for previously self-published books.

-    We are not accepting reprints at this time.

-    All manuscripts must be a MINIMUM of 40,000 words, with the exception of Novellas and Short Stories.


-    Please put the word SUBMISSION / your manuscript's title in the subject of the email. (SUBMISSION / MY BOOK)

-    The body of the email should contain in this exact order: the author's real name, address, email address, phone number, website, pseudonym,word count,  manuscript working title, category (Lesbian Romance, Gay Mystery, etc.), whether or not you have previous or planned publications along with the titles, publishing companies and dates of publication, a short author bio, and a brief half-page to one page synopsis of the manuscript including the ending.


-    40,000 word count minimum, with the exception of NOVELLAS and SHORT STORIES.

-    Manuscript must be submitted in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx format only. All other formats will be declined.

-    Times New Roman 12 pt Font with 1 inch margins on all sides and Justified Text.

-    No html formatting

-    Single space, do not skip lines between paragraphs, and indent the first line of each paragraph to .5

-    Triple space scene breaks with a # in the middle space

-    Do not use page breaks

Please spell check your submission using American English. (Slang words and other languages are acceptable when appropriate) and edit using the Chicago Manual of Style as your reference. 



-Follow all General Submission Guidelines listed above with the exception of the word count.

-Novella's must be between 20,000 and 39,000 words.   

-Short Stories must be between 15,000 and 19,000 words.  

Triplicity Publishing welcomes the opportunity to consider all manuscripts from authors within our guidelines and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about the submission process, or our various categories and sub-genres.

If your manuscript is selected for publishing we will communicate with you via e-mail.


 Please submit all manuscripts and questions regarding manuscripts to: