Frequently Asked Questions

1) How Long Does it Take to Review a Submission? Every submission goes through an evaluation process that can take 4-8 weeks.

2) What happens when my manuscript is accepted? You will receive an email from the publisher advising you of your manuscripts acceptance. After the publisher answers an preliminary questions, you will be sent a publishing agreement to review and sign. You should expect to correspond with the publisher via email.

3) Do I need a Skype account? It is not required, but helpful with communication.

4) What happens after I sign my agreement? Once the signed agreement is returned to the publisher and reviewed, the manuscript will be begin the publication process. You will be given a working timeline regarding this process. You are encouraged to promote your book via your own web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5) Do I need a Web site? No. All of our authors are promoted via our own web site. You will be asked to provide biographical and contact information, as well as a photo, and the book blurb for our site


6) How long will it take for my book to be published? The publishing process is different for every book and often changes. This is why you will be sent a 'working' timeline. You will need to keep up with the timeline and various updates that will be sent to you via email.

7) How will my book be edited? Your book will be edited based on the Chicago manual of Style. Our editors evaluate the books style, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, category and sub-genre requirements, and characterization.

8) How will my editor work with me? You will correspond via email. You should be prepared to make corrections to your manuscript. Our editors do not rewrite your story and they do not make changes to the content. They will however, highlight mistakes that need to be corrected and make characterization suggestions.

9) When will the publication date be determined for my book? When the manuscript enters the publication process, a working timeline will be constructed for that manuscript. At that time, a working publication date will be determined. This date may change during the process.


10) How do you determine the cover art? The publisher will always ask for the author’s ideas regarding the cover of the book. Three different covers will be designed based on these ideas. The designs will be sent to you to choose which one you prefer. The publisher will have the final decision.

11) Where will my book be sold? Our titles are sold at all over the world at, Barnes &,, and

12) Do I have to copyright my work? No. The publisher will copyright the book in the author's name.

13) Do I have to pay any costs for publication? No. The publisher will pay for all of the publishing expenses.

14) How will I be paid for my book sales? Royalties are paid monthly, beginning after the third month of sales. Our royalty rates depend on the publication type (digital or print) and are based on net price after returns. When your manuscript is accepted, you will be sent our royalty schedule and rates with the acceptance email. We do not offer any royalty advancements due to the fact that our royalty rates are among the highest in the industry.

Please contact the submissions department regarding any other submission or publication questions at