When we first began publishing books, we were an open genre, LGBT friendly, company. We published numerous titles and authors under this format and were successful. However, our true passion has always been the LGBT community, which is why we decided to restructure our business and specialize in LGBT Fiction and Non-fiction only.


We take pride in being a Small-Press style, family oriented company. Every author and character in a story deserve the same attention to detail, which is why every manuscript that is submitted to us is reviewed using an unbiased and uniformed method, and every book that we publish is handled in a professional, friendly environment throughout the editing, design, production and marketing process.We believe that our style of publishing is one of the main qualities that sets us apart.


Another aspect that is valued by our company, is our belief and understanding in the hard work, dedication, and sometimes, blood, sweat and tears, that go into a story. We feel that authors are artists in the form of words on a page and every artist is gifted in his or her own way. This ideology is the reason why we generally offer higher royalties than the industry standard.

At Triplicity Publishing, our goal is not to be the biggest publishing company on the market. Instead, we strive to be the best at what we do, which is publishing authors and stories that we believe in.